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The Emotional-Intimacy & Spirituality Project: A Counter-Narrative Perspective (EISP-CNP)

The research project explores the impact of internal, sociocultural and developmental variables/processes (e.g. depression, masculinity ideology, attachment styles, relational trauma) on the emotional capacity and emotional intimacy levels of African-American adult males in romantic non-marital bonds. Additionally the research project explores the clinical utility of non-traditional spiritual frameworks (specifically; New Thought/Metaphysics) in assisting said population develop and increase emotional capacity and emotional intimacy levels in romantic non-marital bonds.

Book Chapters

Gadsden, O. & Howard, L. (2016).  Beyond Trayvon Martin: A clinical deconstruction of the

     negative internalized archetype of African-American masculinity. In Ross, W.  (Ed.)

     Counseling African American males: effective therapeutic interventions and approaches

     NC: Information Age Publishing.


Kuriansky, J.,  Gadsden, O., Nenova, M., Sottile, G.  Telger, K.J., Tettey, N-S. & Portis, C. 

     (2009).   The REASSURE model: A new approach for responding to sexuality-related

     questions.  In E. Schroder & J. Kuriansky (Eds.) Sexuality Education: past, present and

     future.  Westport: Praeger.


Publications in progress/preparation

(* denotes students)


Gadsden, O. Deconstructing mediation as a masturbatory form of psychological resistance:

     Moving toward an integrated method of psychological-spiritual praxis.


Gadsden, O. & *Gayle, K.   A psycho-spiritual conceptualization of masculinity:

     A new model of identity & relational functioning.


Gadsden, O.  The subtly of gender role conflict and hypermasculinity in the lives

     of African-American adult males: Clinical and policy implications.


Books in preparation

Gadsden, O.  (in preparation).  Going further than our fathers:  And other essays on loving and l

     living--- in consciousness for men of color.


Public/Media Scholarship


Gadsden, O.  (2014). Beyond Trayvon Martin: A sociocultural relevant psychoanalytic

     perspective.  Section IX, Psychoanalysts for Social Responsibility, Division of

     Psychoanalysis, APA.  Retrieved from 



Gadsden, O.  (2013, October).  Brothers, shake it off! The Good Men Project. Retrieved from


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Gadsden, O.  (2013, October). How growing up fatherless can impact current relationships.  The 

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Gadsden, O.  (2013, September).  Fulfilled from within: A psychospiritual reflection on

     Cheating pt.2.  [web entry].  Retrieved from


Gadsden, O.  (2013, August).  Fulfilled from within: A psycho-spiritual reflection on cheating 

     pt.1. [web entry].  Retrieved from

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