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Gadsden Consulting &  Evaluation Services (GCES) is a multi-service agency that provides both consultation in multi-contexts  and multi-levels (organizational and individual levels) in a manner that respects and honors the multiplicity of needs, values, and cultural backgrounds of its clients. GCPS has over 10 years of expertise related to assessment, evaluation, organizational consultation, seminar/workshop facilitation, and life consultation. GCPS utilizes an integrative framework when working with both organizations and individuals to address their needs and pursuits. This integrative framework is both grounded in empirical theory and culturally relevant.

Spiritual/Religious Organizational Consultation 


Dr. Gadsden has spent over a decade developing expertise specifically related to issues of spirituality, and its relationship to both psychological and relational functioning.  GCPS provides a wide-range of services focused on enhancing the quality and significance of spiritual centers and ministries. These services include assistance in infusing useful psychological-clinical principles and interventions with spiritual-religious frameworks, training spiritual leaders and lay leaders from a psycho-cultural framework, and facilitating special topic seminars/workshops that are useful for the population/congregants, leaders, and community served.  Some of these services include the following:

  1. Workshops/seminars focused on emotional intimacy development for men and couples

  2. Workshops/seminars focused on assisting male congregants explore fluid, self-aware, and relationally enhancing models of masculinity

  3. Workshops/seminars focused on developing a culturally relevant psycho-spiritual approach to ministry

  4. Consultation & evaluation of projects/activities that focus on increasing membership and diversity within the ministry

  5. Workshops/seminars focused on examination and working positively toward issues related to race, internalized racism, and discrimination; all framed in a liberation theology and psycho-spiritual model of self/community activism

Fees are determined by both the need of the organization, time expended for the entire consultation (preparation, tools/resources needed, and actual consultation services), and any grants/funding available to said organization.

Organizational Consultation

GCPS provides multi-level organizational consultation to non-profit and for-profit community based corporations and social services entities.  As such, GCPS assists these types of organizations in evaluating and understanding their current strengths and possible liabilities, with the intent of equipping organizations develop culturally sound and population focused models of engagement and interventions. GCPS values assessment and evaluation that is both macro and micro-focused.  As such, GCPS works diligently to assist organizations understand the cultural differences represented while also assisting said organizations to embrace the complexity of those differences, in a manner that increase organizational cohesiveness and effectiveness/productivity.

GCPS primarily focuses on consultation/evaluation, workshop/seminars, and trainings with social services organizations, mental health organizations, faith-based organizations, and schools (middle/high schools) that serve underserved and complex (cultural, psychiatric, trauma, etc.) populations. Often, the material and presentations are grounded in empirically-based psychological, educational, sociological, critical and psycho-spiritual theories and culturally sound-relevant interventions. Workshops/seminars and trainings are tailored to fit the needs (information needed, size of the organization and attendees, and duration of service).  Some commonly workshops/seminars, trainings, and consultations cover the following topic areas (this is not an exhaustive list):

  1. Multicultural Competent Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis, & Treatment with men of color, women of color, dually diagnosed populations, and underserved communities.

  2. How to infuse spirituality into Clinical work with clients

  3. Assisting Direct Care Workers in understanding and implementing micro-counseling skills

  4. Working with African-American Males: Moving beyond deficit conceptualization

  5. Infusing Psychoanalytic Conceptualization and Intervention in Underserved Communities/Organizations that service underserved populations

  6. Building the Self-Concept of African-American & Latino Boys/Men

  7. Evaluating new populations needs and developing new programs (consultation)

  8. Assessing the quality of current interventions (consultation)

  9. Evaluating the competency levels of current employees (consultation)

Fees are determined by both the need of the organization, time expended for the entire consultation (preparation, tools/resources needed, and actual consultation services), and any grants/funding available to said organization

Individual Life Consultation

GCPS provides one-on-one life consultation services. These services are not to be confused with traditional counseling or psychotherapy services. These services are direct-focused, time-framed services that are meant to assist individual clients work toward the fulfillment of a tangible goal. Examples of topics focused are: working toward getting a new job, working to decrease fears associated with starting a new business, steps in creating a business, developing a dating life, etc. Once the goal has been accomplished or the client feels she/he is close to said goal the consultation relationship will end. 

One-on-one sessions are at a cost of: $80.00 Please note that the first session serves as an evaluation session to determine the scope of the work and fit between consultant and consultee and is at a cost of $100.00. Individuals who pre-book in advance for the month are able to take advantage of a monthly rate of: $280.00 (this of course is modified when months are longer than 4 weeks).  

Clients who require exploration of past developmental history and working through complex psychological and emotional symptoms would be more appropriate for the modality of counseling and/or psychotherapy. Referrals for this will be mad

Academic Presentations

Special topic academic presentations can be a useful resource to students,  researchers, and community practitioners. GCPS provides a wide-range of empirically focused research, clinical models, and interventions that are meant to inform the work of current academics, researchers, and students primarily in the social science fields (particularly, psychology, counseling, and clinical psychology, and Africana/African-American studies disciplines.  These presentations vary in subject matter and duration. 

GCPS has an array of researchers, clinicians, and scholars who can be referred to your academic institution, department, and program. The biographies and CVs of our current academics, researchers, and clinicians are online and can also be emailed to you along with the researcher’s/academic’s/clinician’s recent picture.

Fees are determined by both the time expended for the entire consultation (preparation, tools/resources needed, and actual consultation services), and any grants/funding available to said organization

​Most presentations will be grounded in recent psychological data with a clear link to issues of masculinity, the clinical utility of spirituality, and the implementation of psychological theory with underserved communities.  All presentations include time for question and answer sessions.

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