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Get ready sisters and brothers for a radical, inspiring, thought-provoking, and intimate gathering and space for us just for us. A face-to-face forum where will get an opportunity to let our hair down, get comfortable and interact with each other on deep and meaningful levels.

This multi-city forum is called Casual Conversations. Dr. Gadsden along with his colleagues are coming to a city near you to have grown folk conversations that are important to us and for us. Topics that will be sure to catch and keep your attention. Yes, topics related to love, commitment, sex, emotional intimacy, and so much more. If you want to know how to understand your man or men in general or if you want to know how to understand your woman or women in general, this is the forum for you. These spaces will encourage real honesty, clarification, mutually loving debate, and relational learning that will create the possibility of communal healing for folk of the African diaspora.

Dr. Gadsden will be right there to assist in muddling through some of the complex and deep topics with real talk back up by years of academic, research, and clinical experience. His intellectually compelling, psycho-spiritual, and down-to-earth approach will help us to get this party started. Are you ready to ask some deep questions not just to others but to yourselves? Are you ready to sit and take the other’s perspective in so you can go higher and deeper in your current and future relationships? Are you ready to commit to loving yourself and your sister and brother as they are while learning how to also get your own needs met? If so, Casual Conversations is just for you!

Casual Conversations 

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